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I have several pen pals and one introduced me to Mr. Roy'el T. Poole, a Christian poet. I asked if I could use some of his lovely and inspirational pieces on this website. His answer was "these poems are not mine, and your publishing company is not yours, they both belong to God." Yes, Roy'el. Everything we have, even our very lives belong to the Lord. Praise His Holy Name!

He Makes All Things New!


God is so amazing; the only One worthy of praising,                  
     just look at what He gave.

His only begotten Son; so the victory is already won.          
     In no other name can you be saved!

He gave you the air you breathe; and He promised to never leave.      
     He won't leave nor forsake you.

God is so amazing; the only One worthy of praising,      
     but He will not make you.

Even before creation; it was not an obligation.      
     We praise God by choice.

I'm telling you I love it; and I place nothing above it.
     He knows my voice.

God knows what I'm saying; long before I'm praying.
     God is so amazing!

He already gave me the answer; He is removing my wife's cancer.
     He is the only One worthy of praise.       

 ~by Roy'el T. Poole

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